Save The Bees!

Although the cause cannot be directly linked to any one specific thing, CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) is an ever present threat to the survival of honey bees and ultimately our food supply. It is our hope that through education and awareness we can save a dying species that we so desperately need. Some of the blame for CCD has been directed towards synthetic corn syrup, Varroa mites, GMO fruits and vegetables, nonspecific insecticides, and insecticides that contain neonicotinoids. All if these have been the cause of some colony deaths.

Honey bees provide us with much more than pollination. Honeybees produce honey for us to eat, beeswax for us to use for candles or skin care, propolis which has many antibacterial uses, Royal Jelly, and venom just to name a few.

But what can be done?

  • Support your local beekeeper. Without community support through purchasing local honey your beekeeper may have a hard time supporting their bees.
  • Plant a garden. Along with having something beautiful to look at, they provide beneficial flowers for bees to feed upon.
  • Know your insecticides and use them properly. It is important to know what we are killing when we spread insecticides around our home.
  • Spread the word! Let us be accountable for any damage that we cause. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the importance and what you have learned about honey bees.

Currently there are movements to ban certain pesticides. Petition the EPA to stop killing the bees or contact your local government representative. Please Click Here to show your support today!

If you would like to visually show your support, we offer "Save The Honey Bee" ribbons! For each ribbon purchase we make a monetary contribution to organizations that fight for our honey bee friends. Please request your ribbon and aid us in this struggle. We can be reached Here!