Honey Bee Varieties

A large varity of honey bees can be found around the Carolinas. The most common variations are:

  • Italian Bees

    The Italian bees are very gentle and great honey producers. Kown for their extended periods of brood rearing, Italian bees can build colony populations in the spring and maintain them for the entire summer. They are light in color and due to their population they may also consume more honey than other breeds. This breed is also known to rob other hives of honey thus the possibilty of transmitting hive diseases and pest.

  • Caucasian Bees

    Its most notable characteristic is its very long tongue, which enables the bees to forage for nectar from flowers that other bee stocks may not have access to. This breed is also a heavy propolis (Bee Glue) producer and has a tendency to be a slow starter in spring. This is a very gently breed and they are moderately colored.

  • Carniolan Bees

    The Carniolans are known for rapid growth, with that they have a tendency for swarming. They are not prone to robbing which prevents disease transmission among the colonies. They are gentle, and good comb producers. Like the Caucasian's this breed is also very docile.

  • Russian Bees

    The Russian Hybrids are more resilient to mites and hardy winters. They tend to produce more propolis than other bees and are moderate honey producers. However, as propolis is antibiotic, this may be more beneficial to the bees in resisting diseases in the long run. They tend to be a bit more defensive than other bees and mimic the attitude of the queen. They will also limit brood rearing to times of nectar and pollen flow.

  • Buckfast Hybrid Bees

    Buckfast Hybrids have a tendency to keep a well maintained hive. This breed also has a strong resistance to tracheal mites compared to other breeds. This breed can also be a bit more aggressive than others.